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Digital Science in Healthcare: CFD, FEA, SPH, FSI and Beyond

11am-12pm, Wednesday 16th August 2023

Digital Science in Healthcare: CFD, FEA, SPH, FSI and Beyond

Presented by Adjunct Prof. David Fletcher

Venue: J07.Mechanical Engineering Building, Seminar Room 2 S226

Abstract -The advances in healthcare taking place are nothing short of miraculous, whether it be in diagnosis, drug discovery, prevention or the response to a pandemic. Traditionally, advances are made by experimentation, long term trials or testing, and then release for patient use. Such a processes is slow and costly, with many years of market opportunity lost. Across engineering, computer simulations are being used to design aircraft, optimise chemical reactors and design artistic bridges. Use of these simulation tools, whether they be CFD, FEA, DEM, SPH or FSI is now prevalent in biomedical applications. However, their uptake in both regulatory approval and personalised medicine has been slow. There are obvious concerns around validity of models and the competence of users but these can be and are being addressed. An important path to greater uptake is via the use of simulations made by experts with the capture of the information using AI, so that it can be generalised and reused for different geometries or flow conditions. Digital twins also have role to play.