Translating excellence in engineering research and training into strategic defence advantage for Australia and its allies

We are strongly committed to working with our Defence partners in industry and government to ensure the safety and prosperity of Australia. Defence technologies are advancing at an enormous rate, and it is critical to ensure that technologies, processes and tools remain ahead of the state-of-the-art to prevent technological surprise. Through our many partnerships, our world-class researchers are leading fundamental and applied research programs across a broad range of disciplines, including:

  • Advanced sensors and photonics
  • Computer engineering
  • Networks, communications, cyber
  • Robotics and machine learning
  • Computational design and engineering
  • Materials design and modelling
  • Medical devices and technology

Each of these areas has a substantial track record of existing and past projects which have delivered tangible outcomes for our research partners - in most cases unique and exciting sovereign capabilities.

Leading research groups

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Associate Professor Ben Thornber

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6/5/21 Prof Xiaoke Yi “Nanophotonic sensors for Defence”

20/5/21 Dr Suranga Seneviratne “Cybersecurity in an AI-driven Digital Society”

3/6/21 A/Prof Ben Thornber “Computational Aerodynamics in Defence Applications”

17/6/21 Prof Hugh Durrant-Whyte “Transforming Defence”

1/7/21 A/Prof Dries Verstraete “Drone-on-Demand: Next Gen Drone Solutions for Defence”

15/7/21 Dr David Boland “Opportunities for Hardware Accelerators in Defence Applications”

29/7/21 Prof Ania Paradowska “Application of neutron based techniques to defence sector”

12/8/21 Dr Gilad Francis “Decision-making under Uncertainty”

26/8/21 Prof Stefan Williams “DSI-Defence Remote Underwater Surveillance Capabilities”

09/09/21 Dr. Andre Kyme, “Opportunities for Biomedical Engineering Research”

23/9/21 Dr Sam Davey STaR Shot Lead, “Remote Undersea Surveillance”

07/10/21 Prof Julie Cairney “Materials characterisation for defence”

17/11/21 Maurice Amzallag, ‘Digital Engineering’, Thales Australia


Prof Stefan B. Williams – Director, Digital Sciences Initiative
Faculty of Engineering, University of Sydney NSW 2006 Australia
+61 2 9351 8152