Advanced sensors and photonics

Our advanced sensors and photonics portfolio includes:

  • Photonic signal processing: Photonic circuits for ultrafast and wideband signal processing; Tuneable, programmable photonic circuits for AI.
  • On-chip LIDAR: Low-power consumption, small size, high resolution and low cost; Autonomous vehicle and security communications.
  • Photonic enhanced RF front end: Miniaturised on-chip photonic enhanced RF front-end. High band width beamforming and signal processing.
  • Integrated photonic circuits operating in harsh environment: Wide bandgap semiconductor photonic circuits for high-frequency, high-temperature, high-power, and radiation resistance operation.
  • Advanced sensing: Sensitive and selective nanophotonic arrays for trace gas sensing, detecting weak magnetic field, and brain activity monitoring.
  • Acoustic and audio: Detection & localisation related to supersonic events, gunshots, submarines. Audio surveillance, sensor arrays or drones.

The photonic engineering group has unique capabilities in the development of nanophotonic circuits for sensing and signal processing, from wafer to device to prototype. Our Computing and Audio Research Laboratory specialises in sound event detection, recognition and localization, both in air and underwater with capabilities in compressed sensing and sparse recovery, sparse-recovery beamforming, deep network architectures for audio processing, ray-space analysis and distributed sensor arrays. These techniques can be applied to other sensing types including radar, lidar, sonar.

We have a strong ongoing portfolio including successful past and present projects: ARC Linkage  (2020-2022) ; Multiple contracts with Department of Defence and Industries (2013-2017; 201

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