Digital Agriculture

Transforming Agriculture with Digital Innovation

We are at the forefront of transforming agricultural practices into sustainable and technologically advanced systems. At the heart of our mission is the transformation of agricultural practices into systems that are sustainable, technologically advanced, and inclusive of the farmer’s voice and expertise.

We lead by integrating air and ground field robotics, the Internet of Things (IoT), edge computing, and artificial intelligence (AI) with eco-friendly farming techniques, all co-designed and implemented with farmers at the core. Our commitment extends beyond technological innovation; we strive to empower farmers of all scales, ensuring that our advancements are accessible, supportive, and tailored to enhance productivity while preserving the environment. Together with the farming community, we are pioneering a future where technology and tradition unite to foster a more sustainable and prosperous agricultural landscape.”

Our Approach to Global Challenges

We address critical global issues such as food security amid population growth, environmental sustainability, and bridging economic disparities among farmers. Through multidisciplinary collaboration, we are pioneering solutions that are not only technologically advanced but also economically viable and environmentally sustainable.

Who We Are

Our team is a dynamic blend of experts from engineering, agriculture, social sciences, economics, and the physical sciences, committed to a holistic approach in digital agriculture. We focus on practical, sustainable solutions, tailored to the diverse needs of farms worldwide.

Our Infrastructure

Boasting significant capital and knowledge in field robotics and IoT tailored for agriculture, our infrastructure spans across large commercial farms in regional NSW and the Sydney Basin. Our global reach extends through international agriculture development programs, connecting a network of research and education farms.

Our Research and Innovation

Explore our cutting-edge research in robotics, IoT, edge computing, AI, and sustainable farming techniques. See how our work is making a difference, enhancing farm productivity, and protecting the environment.

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Professor Salah Sukkarieh
Mission Lead for Digital Agriculture


Katie Yang – Business Development Manager

+61 0404 710450


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Whether you’re a researcher, a technology provider, or a farmer, find out how you can be part of our mission. Explore opportunities for collaboration, funding and engagement. Contact us at


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