Networks, communications, cyber

Networks, communications, and cyber are arguably some of the fastest moving research fields that are of significant importance to defence and intelligence, and the Faculty of Engineering has recognised research strengths in:

Encrypted Traffic Analytics and Defence

  • Extracting intelligence from encrypted communications*
  • “Side-channel-free” communication protocols**
  • Real-time internet scanning infrastructure

Secure physical-layer protocols

  • Light weight secret key generation
  • Information theoretic modelling of data leaks in physical layer protocols

5G/6G Communications

  • Modems and software for high data rates

Reliable and low latency satellite networks for IoT

  • Algorithms for mitigating non-linearity effects and resource allocations
  • Blockchain based security algorithms for satellite communications

Our researchers are internationally recognised expert in coding theory and its applications in wireless engineering, leading the advancement of the underpinnings of low latency, high data rate, ultrahigh reliability infrastructure need to enable Internet of Things and Industry 4.0.

We have outstanding capabilities in the understanding and monitoring of networks and internet infrastructure. We have developed algorithms and software tools for profiling enterprise-class networks and content identification over encrypted channels. Our tools ranges from capturing network traffic at high-speed without altering information contained in the traffic, to the development of new traffic profiling techniques capable of understanding both encrypted and clear traffic using deep learning algorithms. Our project outcomes help to identify anti-social behaviours and improve the effectiveness of national security surveillance activities.

Our successful past and present projects include DSTG/Data 61  ”Wireless Cyber Situational Awareness” (2017/2020) and DSTG/Data 61  “Deep Bypass: Clear & Dark Real-time Traffic Profiling with Deep Learning” (2017/2021).