DSI Seminar series

The Digital Sciences Initiative has expanded its activities with the successful commencement of the fortnightly DSI seminar series in August 2023. This series started with the intention to provide a platform for our academics to present their research and interests to colleagues and encourage discussions and networking across the university community and within the DSI missions. This includes academic staff from across the faculties as well as key external stakeholders who will provide updates on their research program in this area. This has been well received and we have so far with excellent talks delivered by Prof. David Fletcher, Prof. Ian Manchester (ACFR), Dr. Jonathan Kummerfeld and Prof. Geordie Williamson, Prof. Kimberlee Weatherall, Prof. Bart Praneel (External. KU Leuven), Prof. Tim Shaw and Prof. Sally Cripps (External, UTS). More details on the upcoming talks can be found here.

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