Data-centric engineering

A fusion of advanced physics-based computation with modern statistics and data science

Figure 1: CFD predictions of temperature in a rotating detonation engine

Data-centric engineering integrates computational modelling of physical systems, statistical analysis and the rapidly growing field of data-science to build data-driven models of complex engineering systems, such as those involving fluid flow and combustion, electrical power networks, materials and structures, and chemical processes. It draws upon disparate fundamental streams of engineering and science such as finite element and finite volume methods for computational mechanics, and Bayesian statistics and probability theory to build Digital Twins of real-world systems capable of simulation, design, uncertainty prediction and real-time control.

We are a multidisciplinary group of researchers from across the University of Sydney and external organisations with combined experience in advanced materials, structures, electrical power systems, computational fluid dynamics, nuclear physics, statistics, optimisation, control, algorithms and software design. Our objective is to build unique capability – both in research and application – for developing and using data-driven engineering models of complex engineering systems.

  • Our Research – fundamental developments in new statistical and computational methods that will underpin this field, providing reliable and robust methods that scale to real-world applications.
  • Global Partnerships – develop strong research and development connections with other world-leading universities in this field.
  • Industry Engagement – identify and partner with key industries, companies and public institutions for areas like health, infrastructure and defence with interest in data-driven engineering methods.
  • Entrepreneurial Outcomes – our ambition is to be a world-leader in data-centric engineering, providing our industry, public and academic partners with state-of-the-art software, solutions and services.

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Prof Stefan B. Williams – Director, Digital Sciences Initiative
Faculty of Engineering, University of Sydney NSW 2006 Australia
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